Asserted [verb]

Definition of Asserted:

insist, declare, maintain

Synonyms of Asserted:

Opposite/Antonyms of Asserted:

Sentence/Example of Asserted:

It is usually asserted that the tobacco grown in Brazil contains only two per cent.

Among the ladies of "gentle blood," however, there is more of the asserted aristocratic symmetry and beauty than among the men.

But in doing this, the intention and power of selection guided by sound judgment at once asserted itself.

Piegan shortly proved that he made no vain boast when he asserted his ability to follow their track.

After the first surprise, Comyn's men asserted their superior force; and aid arrived from Carlisle.

Dorothy found the blanket in the barn and also triumphantly asserted that there was a lot of "real nice hay" in one part of it.

It is here asserted that no one can think of the present moment; for while he tries to do so, three moments have fled.

The opposition asserted that neither bribes nor promises were spared.

Then suddenly memory asserted itself, and the past flashed before his mind.

This was the opinion of all the ancients; it has been asserted that Helen was seventy when she was carried off by Paris.