Asserting [verb]

Definition of Asserting:

insist, declare, maintain

Synonyms of Asserting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Asserting:

Sentence/Example of Asserting:

But it was still capable of asserting itself under favourable conditions.

Swiftly, now, reality was asserting itself and banishing the phantasmagoria conjured up by chandu.

His overpowering personality, his massive way of asserting things made a deep impression on the simple folks.

He entered at length into the transaction, and concluded by asserting that there could not be a grosser case in all its bearings.

Some engineers escape this difficulty by asserting that Whler's results are not applicable to bridge work.

"Tell me what is the matter," he said, a stronger note in his voice, the old masterful spirit asserting itself again.

The notion of the possibility of a secondary personality asserting itself is a much older idea than it is usually thought to be.

From the proofs, I am perfectly confident in asserting that this was the White river of the Mississippi which we crossed.

Here the effect to be accounted for is not the occurrence itself, but the fact of the witness's asserting it.

On the 16th he moved an address to the king in the Irish parliament asserting independence, and it was carried unanimously.