Assertivenesses [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Assertivenesses:

His assertiveness was compelling, and even the captain displayed symptoms of being impressed.

Those qualities were greed and persistence in acquisitiveness, cunning and subtlety, also bragging and self-assertiveness.

He had a peculiar manner of wriggling from the bottom of his back, with fussy self-assertiveness.

His self-assertiveness irritated those who were accustomed to look for nothing but deference from the persons about them.

But his vanity was that of an honest man, and he was often stung to assertiveness by the malignities of his enemies.

Such assertiveness is incompatible with the kind of humble adoration necessary for communion with God.

When she was noisy her noise was a challenge, and when she was quiet her quietness was full of mute assertiveness.

Oh, that will soon right itself,” said the other with loud assertiveness, “that will right itself damn soon.

They had no assertiveness, so could not aspire to a managerial position, such as might eventually fall to the share of Nelly.

Monson found, as I soon saw, that my everlasting self-assertiveness was beyond cure.