Asserts [verb]

Definition of Asserts:

insist, declare, maintain

Synonyms of Asserts:

Opposite/Antonyms of Asserts:

Sentence/Example of Asserts:

Of course not,” said Wilkins, “proverbial philosophy asserts and requires that doctors should disagree.

The author of the life of St. Francis Xavier, asserts, that "by one sermon he converted ten thousand persons in a desert island."

The Marshal, in his Memoirs, asserts that this short campaign was the severest strain he ever underwent.

Yet he seems not to admit the function ascribed to it, and asserts that it is in many cases wanting.

The same author asserts that saint-days took the place of the feasts of tabernacles.

Reality, he asserts, is whatever it is 'experienced as being,' and it is normally experienced in other ways than by being known.

There is no way (the hero of the sketch asserts) by which a man can break the eternal loneliness to which he is foredoomed.

Westphal indeed asserts that both these forms are found in the Argive alphabet.

He asserts that there are only three ways of dealing with this fierce spirit of liberty.

All that true poets or wise moralists have taught of the rural home, asserts its power over the memory.