Assess [verb]

Definition of Assess:

evaluate, determine

Synonyms of Assess:

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Sentence/Example of Assess:

Who is to assess values on an estate that consists of shipping interests, lands, mines, and a host of other things?

We get an alert when anyone with an uncommon ride profile comes out and that helps us assess whether we want to investigate.

Then the author proceeds to assess the social and ethical conditions which threaten the world with spiritual bankruptcy.

"Well, what rate do you intend to assess," asked Nekhludoff.

In their perplexity they referred to Dominico, who, though ill of the gout, drove to see the picture and assess its value.

Finally, the Parliament elected trustworthy men to assess the money for each congregation, and to see to its payment.

These are the Commissioners sent by the Caliph to re-assess and tax all fishing-boats upon a new valuation!

What evidence is it that you would be missing to assess the probabilities?

Perhaps it may be to assess the stockholders for the purpose of keeping the little land they have, if they have any.

The village elders meet to hear the charges and complaints and assess the amount of compensation.