Assessed [verb]

Definition of Assessed:

evaluate, determine

Synonyms of Assessed:

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Sentence/Example of Assessed:

Urban property and lands were assessed at values far beyond those at which the owners truly estimated them.

The local banker took up a collection to pay my fine in case a fine should be assessed against me.

When the owner is rated he must be assessed upon a certain proportion only of the net annual value of the premises.

The injury done is the only proper measure of the punishment to be inflicted, as well as of the damage to be assessed.

All landholders were to be assessed in proportion to their property, and the tax, if not voluntarily paid, collected by force.

The profit to England from Irish peonage cannot be assessed in terms of trade, or finance, or taxation.

The assessed value of property in 1830, amounted to about two and a half millions.

A considerable addition was also made to the assessed taxes, and upon imports and exports.

The total fine amounted to $5,200, and the jars were carefully examined, the gongs weighed and their values assessed.

The law prevented all registered or assessed (censi) citizens of Rome from appointing a female as their hres.