Assesses [verb]

Definition of Assesses:

evaluate, determine

Synonyms of Assesses:

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Sentence/Example of Assesses:

Thousands of reviewers say they used the code to assess the submissions.

The best way to go about optimizing your site speed is to run your site through a free tool such as GTmetrix or Google’s PageSpeed Insights to assess how your site performs currently.

While young children are prone to minor infections, they now in theory face less exposure to those milder illnesses due to pandemic-related social distancing, and that means the calculus behind assessing symptoms changes.

They will carefully assess when you can safely return to sports.

Recently we launched a new effort to ask CEOs to assess the financial health and security of their workers, because in this time, it’s no longer appropriate for CEOs to not have this information.

Knowing who these groups are can help you better understand their motives and better assess whether you buy what they’re selling.

This year, Lululemon has introduced sizes between 0 and 20 for its six most popular women’s items, and McDonald says the company will assess whether it would be beneficial to go even higher.

Some digital publishers that have succeeded on social platforms like YouTube and Facebook are still assessing that market.

The company is also growing its editorial team in Delhi, has plans to hire in Mumbai and is in the preliminary stages of assessing a move into China.

Fortunately, there are better methods for assessing corporate accountability.