Assessing [verb]

Definition of Assessing:

evaluate, determine

Synonyms of Assessing:

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Sentence/Example of Assessing:

Even companies struggle to assess carbon emissions that come from the whole life cycle of their products, she said.

To estimate further back in time, the researchers assessed ease of harvesting by recording how long it took to dig up bulbs at six of those sites, plus an additional one.

A committee of advisors will meet in December to assess Pfizer’s data documenting how well the shots worked.

First, adolescent brains are still developing the ability to assess risks and control actions.

The order assesses eligibility based on the age of an inmate and whether the prisoner is nearing the end of his or her sentence.

The process involves asking software to assess a host of factors—from venue to precedent to the judge in the case—in order to predict a ruling, which in turn affects a party’s choice whether to litigate or settle.

Resilience may be a new element considered alongside environmental impact and social purpose as investors and customers assess companies.

Neben said the change is “a huge move” because it will make it easier for brands and ad agencies to assess the size of someone’s Snapchat audience when developing branded content campaigns.

Minnesota is assessing a special licensing fee between $55,000 and $250,000 on opioid manufacturers.

They may not have been responsible for the bad polling — they assess the quality of polls and aggregate their wisdom — but that doesn’t necessarily absolve them of contributing to our collective freakout.