Assessments [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Assessments:

Their refusal to pay rates or assessments for building and repairing houses for a worship which they did not approve.

Heirs do not look for laws and assessments when they open a last will; they look for grants and favors.

Year after year passed by, but no advance appeared, while assessments were continually made for city improvement.

Previous to 1838, the assessments were made by wards, and it is impossible to give the aggregates.

The treasurer received all assessments, gave the weekly allotment to the housewife, and paid other bills.

The assessments upon the same property for public improvements exceed $100,000 a year, which is paid by the city.

The further collection of taxes seemed impossible; the assessments were in hopeless confusion.

The royalists' estates were sequestered, and for the Parliamentarians the Assessments became a growing burden.

They were notified that unless they paid the assessments their resignations would be accepted.

These articles amounted to more than the assessments levied on the members, but Tom and I made up the balance.