Assessors [noun]

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He served as county assessor of Walla Walla county before it was divided, occupying that position for three or four years.

Politically Mr. Sanford is a staunch democrat and for two years he acceptably served as assessor of Columbia county.

Mr. Cornwell is a republican in politics and served for several years as deputy assessor.

In the same case, his learned assessor, Justice Wilmot, felt the same sentiments.

The work was so complete and painstaking that it led to his being appointed to the position of "Assessor of Mines" at Berlin.

He may either take the advice of the assessor or disregard it, but he is the responsible magistrate.

In every court where a bailie presides he is aided and advised by an assessor, whose duty it is to keep him within the law.

The indignant tribunal refused conference and competencia, and promptly excommunicated the veguer and his assessor.

Often, it was complained, the tax assessor failed to notify the people to give in their taxes, and thus caused them trouble.

If a man is not his own assessor in person, or by deputy, his liberty is gone, for he is wholly at the mercy of others.