Asseverating [verb]

Definition of Asseverating:

state categorically

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Opposite/Antonyms of Asseverating:


Sentence/Example of Asseverating:

She did not asseverate any more, nor even say she was innocent.

And I hereby do fully and freely declare and asseverate, that the Woods did not tremble to a kiss, and that the lovers did.

"He and Bertha Petterick are together, that is why he is so late," the fiend would asseverate.

And she was very glad also that he did not deign to asseverate that he had been ignorant of his half-sister's plight.

"She belongs to the machine," he would asseverate with warmth.

When one begins to asseverate his honesty, his hearers begin to question it.

I mean asseverate to his lordship that the very last boy has knocked for the very last time.

As to whether she was young, middle-aged or only well-preserved, no one was in a position to asseverate.

They asseverate with vehemence that in all the seven-and-thirty plays there is no such thing as a native woodnote wild.

It has more solemnity than declare, and more composure and dignity than asseverate, which is to assert excitedly.