Assiduities [noun]

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Her thirst for knowledge was insatiate, and with untiring assiduity she pursued her studies.

Notwithstanding the assiduity with which he applied himself to his numerous avocations he found time to write several works.

I have noticed latterly her marked assiduity in attendance at church—the most unseasonable weather has failed to keep her away.

He was distinguished for learning and assiduity, and published many excellent works.

Dr Howe devoted himself with the utmost patience and assiduity to her education and was rewarded by increasing success.

Lynn saw that his remark was injudicious, and endeavoured to atone for it, by the most delicate assiduity of attention.

In 1796 he entered his studio, and studied there with such assiduity that he never noticed what was taking place in that of Gros.

Assiduity in the discharge of maternal duties is the next distinguishing excellence of Hannah to which our attention is invited.

One of them was a physician; although the poor fellow was a stranger to them, they tended him with all the assiduity of brothers.

She was accosted directly by the Major; who, as usual, never left her, and whose assiduity to seek her favour seemed increased.