Assiduously [adverb]

Definition of Assiduously:


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Sentence/Example of Assiduously:

There was never an iteration of the product, or a long-range plan to assiduously cultivate users and talent as the company found traction while carefully husbanding its capital for the inevitable tough moments in the growth of any company.

Having achieved this feat he sighed again, and applied himself assiduously to the pie.

The duty of rulers should be perseveringly set before them, and the minds of all assiduously called to reflection.

Arts, therefore, which were neglected by the elder courtier were assiduously practised by the younger.

By one person, however, Portland was still assiduously courted; and that person was the King.

On the way, Don Rodrigue makes love to her assiduously, but the young girl's heart seems untroubled.

Of course, I shall nurse him assiduously, and I want you to drop everything and come home.

Scipio himself stayed a certain time in New Carthage and assiduously practised his fleet;Preparations for an advance.

By assiduously working the battering rams the Romans were always breaking down this or that part of the wall.

Medicine was taken up with the other sciences and cultivated assiduously.