Assignees [noun]

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When an assignment of it is made, the assignee may sue in his own name for rent accruing after the assignment.

This being done, the assignee is to be regarded as the proprietor of the deposit-book.

The court objected to entertaining the claim until after the choice of an assignee.

There are now but two men in Court who saw the paper executed, namely, the assignor and the assignee.

Assignee, a person appointed by another to transact some business, or exercise some particular privilege or power.

The outlook was not propitious for a large sale: a new book by an unknown author published by an assignee.

He might be compared to an assignee under our law, with this difference, that the latter is only liable as far as he has assets.

The compensation offered for this unparalleled breach of faith was a grant of twelve hundred acres to each assignee.

The pit—which has all, more or less, been assignee in its day—knows very well that every assignee is a "covered" merchant.

On this account she had perhaps, with a few glances, appointed him executor and assignee of her heart.