Assimilated [verb]

Definition of Assimilated:

absorb mentally

Synonyms of Assimilated:

Opposite/Antonyms of Assimilated:

Sentence/Example of Assimilated:

And Melchizedek is here declared to be “a great man,” “assimilated unto the Son of God.”

Formulas prepared by others are perfectly retained, however, if they are thoroughly assimilated.

These devices are rarely resorted to, but if ever used, they must be thoroughly assimilated.

The most significant of these is that in which the embryo is closely assimilated to the fish, by the possession of gill slits.

Yet its cranial capacity is far above that of the highest apes, and is assimilated with that of Hottentot and Polynesian skulls.

Giz is somewhat dirtier than Lut'er but the dirt is less assimilated and consequently less to be condoned.

Her sisters, a good many years her juniors, had to a certain extent assimilated modern ideas.

That Chopin assimilated something of Beethoven is of course more likely than not; but, if a fact, it is a latent one.

In fact, Chopin assimilated nothing or infinitely little of the ideas that were surging around him.

He made up his mind that this scientific enthusiast could not have assimilated the dreadful news; he would try again.