Assimilating [verb]

Definition of Assimilating:

absorb mentally

Synonyms of Assimilating:

Opposite/Antonyms of Assimilating:

Sentence/Example of Assimilating:

And the Process or Method of study, if it be an Assimilating one, also compels this co-operation.

Mazzini repudiated any artificial assimilating of the sexes; but their differing functions were equally sacred and necessary.

He adds then a reflection, evincing that he was assimilating some of the philosophy of life as well as of fighting.

In assimilating the animal and vegetable kingdoms, Linnus denominates seeds the eggs of plants.

You know that, to quote what Gurney said one evening, to attain to assimilating your thought is the chief purpose of one's life.

Historical truth is reached by balancing everything, and not by assimilating that which easily suits.

Lawes and Gilbert had long ago proved that the higher plants are incapable of assimilating free nitrogen.

The principal factors in large egg production are abundance of food and great capacity for digesting and assimilating it.

The biological division, or discrimination, between animal and vegetable life, is based on the manner of assimilating food.

We shall have put you back again into something assimilating to your nervous condition on the birthday night.