Assimilations [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Assimilations:

A method of Vacuity pure and simple—the exact opposite of Mental Assimilation.

Sylvan scenes, with a dash of human savagery in the foreground, form the best relief for a too-extended assimilation of books.

Digestibility, ease and completeness of assimilation count a great deal, and are the sole determining factors in cases of illness.

Phosphorus has the property of combining with lime and increasing the lime assimilation.

The food changes in connection with digestion, assimilation, and elimination, can take place only in the presence of water.

From one point of view assimilation is a process with its active and passive elements; from another it is a result.

Principles of Americanism; essentials of Americanization; technic of race-assimilation.

To what extent does the extension of a cultural language involve assimilation?

How do you explain the difference in rapidity of assimilation of the various types of cultural elements?

In what way does assimilation involve the mediation of individual differences?