Assistances [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Assistances:

In the darkness and confusion I did not distinguish the face of the man who rendered me this assistance.

Thinking to escape and summon assistance from the cantonment, Douglas mounted the wall and leaped into the moat.

Two of the artillerymen who had not been injured came to his assistance, and again the gun was thundering forth its defiance.

Then he held down a hand to her, bade her set her foot on his, and called with an oath to Rabecque to lend her his assistance.

You are very kind, sir,” he said; “my companions and I shall feel deeply indebted to you for this opportune assistance.

You will remember that when you came to our assistance outside Meerut she was determined to take us, willy-nilly, to Delhi.

Again Arabella inclined her head, and looked uneasily round as if uncertain whether to call for assistance.

I am also advised as to what you say of the person of Don Geronimo de Silva, and the assistance which you have had from him.

It has been spoken of as "the greatest assistance to the organist since the invention of combination pedals."

To be sure, I could not see where he could be of much assistance; but we had a common aim and a common foe.