Assistants [noun]

Definition of Assistants:


Opposite/Antonyms of Assistants:

Sentence/Example of Assistants:

He became one of the assistants of Mr. Wesley, and was active in the service of the church.

Shouting to his two plucky assistants to come back, Frank called out to Chumru and bade him join them.

We may fairly assume the presence here of one or two, if not more, assistants, besides a pupil or improver.

It is not impossible to fix upon the parts the assistants probably would be allowed to work upon.

Of course the committee and their assistants and some of the other young people came to help with the decorations.

I may record here that each of my assistants has since, to borrow an Americanism, “made good.”

In this absence my three assistants carried on the Commission work with great efficiency.

The master of the house pays the cook and his assistants, but the supper is always served in my ladys apartment.

They are either the same people who established these religions, or those who have become their adherents and their assistants.

Two other brothers of the chief, David and Jacobus, became believers and zealous assistants in the work of the mission.