Assists [noun]

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Yet when handled as Stevenson and Irving handled it, description assists in accenting the mood of the action.

I submit that this assists us to understand the animus of the converted Mason and the lengths to which it has taken him.

But the second doctrine of philosophical necessity assists us in explaining the conduct of Lucifer.

She partakes of the common counsels, and therein assists to bind others, while she refuses to be bound herself.

Skeat postulates a mute vowel by deriving lazar or leper from Eleazer—He whom God assists.

Ambrosius assists the labors of Origen by paying clerks to copy for him.

In the two-maid household, the cook washes, the waitress assists, and the mistress frequently does some of the daily work.

The presence of sulphuric acid, in slight excess, assists their crystallisation.

An earlier name was Porthpeyre, which neither assists nor contradicts such a derivation.

The actor capable of giving expression to the thought of his author really assists that author in the creation of a character.