Assizes [noun]

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The judges of assize, by virtue of their commission of nisi prius, try the causes thus appointed.

On the other hand the Assize of Arms restored the national militia to its old important place.

A hundred and twenty more were to have been tried, but the approach of the royal troops led to the adjournment of the Assize.

On the following day there was a crowded court-house in the assize town of the neighboring county.

So the Judges of Assize were ordered in their circuits to tell the people to comply with the order and pay the money!

The price of the best wheaten bread was fixed by the assize at 51/4d.

They reached the assize town in due course, and his lordship proceeded to robe for the court.

In Scotland the term assize is still applicable to the jury in criminal cases.

We had been prisoners nine weeks at the first assize, called the Lent-assize, which was in the spring of the year.

In this year there happened to be a cause tried at the assize at Nottingham concerning a Friend's marriage.