Associates [noun]

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The artists of Oosterbeck and Brussels, who were her associates, materially aided her by their encouragement.

Amongst all my fellow clerks I remember one only who resembled as a borrower some of my quondam associates at Derby.

In all such cases of omission of duty a director is held responsible for the wrongs of his associates.

I fancy he finds it rather dull with only a cranky old man and a half-crazy woman for associates.

Two of the slain men have been identified as close associates of Big John Girra.

He has power only over those who have chosen Him for their Master, and who give associates unto God.

He taught the unity of God, and forcibly declaimed against all those who gave him associates.

It would give me the greatest delight to land Mr. Peter Levine and his associates in jail.

Dr. Thomas Bray may stand as a fit representative of another class of Nelson's friends and associates.

My own opinion of it has not changed in the least; but I have been unable to induce my associates to view it in the same light.