Associations [noun]

Definition of Associations:

group with common interest or pursuit

Synonyms of Associations:

Opposite/Antonyms of Associations:

Sentence/Example of Associations:

The associations of place recall her strange interview with Mr. Longcluse but a few months before.

Every turn in the road, every clearing of the forest, he knew, and each in turn brought forgotten associations to life.

Benefit societies may be purely voluntary associations or incorporated either by statute or charter.

Sometimes a quarrel springs up in one of these associations, the members divide, who shall have the property?

The place is utterly unsoftened by human influences, by any humanising associations of history, good or bad.

We only know that under certain conditions the old atomic associations break up, and new ones are formed.

There is much else in Winchester, though the cathedral and its associations may overshadow everything.

Ripon is one of the smaller cathedrals and of less importance in historical associations.

The interior is most imposing and the great church is rich in historical associations.

The country is not specially interesting and has few historical associations.