Assonances [noun]

Definition of Assonances:

harmony, tune

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Sentence/Example of Assonances:

Sometimes they enshrine a pun or a conceit, or depend for their aptness upon an assonance.

Assonance, in poetry, a term used when the terminating words of lines have the same vowel sound but make no proper rhyme.

It is written in stanzas of various length, bound together by the vowel-rhyme known as assonance.

Not only is there no rhyme, but assonance is very carefully avoided.

Paradise Lost abounds with the assonance which the dominant feeling of the poet induced.

Here the assonance is -er (final unstressed -er in standard present-day English represents vocalic r).

The use of alternate assonance in lines of fourteen syllables (pp. 211, 212) is a none too happy device of the author.

Each is ten lines long, and while the first rhymes throughout, the second has only a very imperfect assonance.

He talks of assonance and color, of stress and pause and accent, and bewilders me with his theories.

The stanza before us is in debide scilte, where the two couplets of the stanza are not linked by any form of sound assonance.