Assonant [adjective]

Definition of Assonant:

harmonious, musical

Synonyms of Assonant:

Opposite/Antonyms of Assonant:

Sentence/Example of Assonant:

Most of it is in the difficult assonant or vowel rhyme, hardly ever previously attempted in our language.

Bel crouches—as men have crouched to Bel; Nebo cowers—a stronger verb than crouches, but assonant to it, like cower to crouch.

It is written in the assonant, or vowel rhyme, that was universal among European nations in the early stage of their civilization.

The versification is careless; when rhyme hampered the poet he dropped it, and used instead the assonant rhyme.

I observed no instance of the assonant rhyme; but there are several glosses, or, in the Portuguese word, grosas.

Edom means red, and Bossrah is assonant to Bsser, a vinedresser.

All rhymes and all approaches to rhyme, form the assonant metres.