Assort [verb]

Definition of Assort:

arrange or order

Synonyms of Assort:

Opposite/Antonyms of Assort:

Sentence/Example of Assort:

Worse yet, how could one assort together duplication and the double object, whiteness and the white object?

After council I went to work to assort the articles to be sold, etc.

He undertook to assort the correspondence, and forward it to Montreal and Toronto by queen's messengers.

Now, however, they assort them elsewhere, and their wretched dwellings are as clean as it is possible to keep them.

The colours for the conical stripes may be any two or four colours, which assort well together; or each may be different.

Inspect and assort rigorously, retaining all doubtful product for canning, or to be otherwise disposed of.

The clerk, who goes to the Clearing House, and his assistants, assort these checks into nineteen different piles.

Trannel said it was lucky they wanted two, since there were no more, and he put himself in authority to assort the party.

Her swiftly flying memory seemed to assort a vast mine of treasures of the past.

If you are kind enough to assort the books we put up yesterday, oblige me by going through the armoury.