Assorted [adjective]

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As the ill-assorted pair advanced, the streets they traversed seemed to grow narrower and dirtier.

After they are all made, they are turned over to be assorted, according to color and class, and are packed and marked.

There are not as many colors of Manilla cigars as there are of Havana, and they are not as closely assorted.

The leaves are gathered when ripe, and are dried and well-assorted before baling.

Many of the Crusaders had married Asiatic wives, and the children of such ill-assorted marriages were generally a pretty poor lot.

We shall have, as I before remarked, hundreds of these ill-assorted unions.

We shall have hundreds of other equally ill-assorted unions.

Mr. Gish merely presented her a sheaf of assorted angle-worms, neatly bound with a pink ribbon tied into a simple knot.

Frequently an ill-assorted connection arises from an ambitious motive; one party is wealthy, the other aspiring.

The ill-assorted and injudicious attire of the individual only served to render his awkwardness more conspicuous.