Assuagements [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Assuagements:

To listen was an infinite assuagement, one that was overpoweringly sweet, and for some moments she almost forgot.

Again a look of complacency, and blessed assuagement, visited the little man.

It not only responded to the ache she felt within herself, but gave a promise of assuagement.

It seemed to her that there could be no assuagement of his misery—that he were better dead.

Chaucer does not endeavour to console him; he knows the only assuagement for such sorrows, and leads him on to speak of the dead.

There she threw herself upon a couch, not to seek assuagement, but only to give rest to limbs that would scarcely support her.

Tom was not one who, in a hot moment, for the assuagement of his wrath, would bang down his fist and consign himself to a purpose.

From it she had expected not only realization for him, but assuagement of longing for herself; and the latter hadn't come.

To have this certainty flashed upon her was, as soon as she had recovered from the shock, a sensible assuagement of her misery.

The night was passed in great anguish, and the morrow's light brought no assuagement of her pain.