Assumed [adjective]

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Rather than relying on assumed transaction values, you can monitor everything through one or more Google Analytics dashboards.

The assumed mechanism is that these smells activate receptors in your nose that then talk to different parts of your brain, potentially helping to regulate your experience of pain or emotion.

Ratings, a broad measurement of the number of households tuned to a particular broadcast during a particular window, was the yardstick for the assumed effectiveness of ads that aired during the same broadcast — and therefore the cost of those ads.

It seemed to free her of a responsibility which she had blindly assumed and for which Fate had not fitted her.

I need not inquire whether his dismal behaviour was natural or assumed.

Instead she assumed a suppliant air, her beautiful eyes meltingly set upon his face.

The same game of finesse was played at his own table; for there De Patinos had for some time assumed an air of civility.

Monsieur de Garnache assumed that he was in the presence of Marius de Condillac.

Since the outbreak of the war New York has assumed a position of leadership in international banking.

The light Italian looked what he assumed; a brisk, active muleteer, full of life and merriment.