Assumes [verb]

Definition of Assumes:

believe, take for granted

Opposite/Antonyms of Assumes:

Sentence/Example of Assumes:

During resolution the sputum assumes the appearance of that of chronic bronchitis.

In the presence of bromin the chloroform, which settles to the bottom, assumes a yellow color.

A passenger who stands on a platform or on the steps of a street car, when there is room inside, assumes all the risks himself.

Beware of ignorance which assumes the mask of knowledge, or of designing roguery which apes the appearance of innocence.

At this spot, according to our works on geography, the Atlantic Ocean changes its name and assumes that of the Pacific.

The dinner, as it progresses, assumes the air of a big family party of good bohemians.

This arrangement of the scales gradually assumes a uniform appearance on the neck close to the head, where they are ovate.

If a cliff shore retreats rapidly, it may be driven back into the shore, and its face assumes the curve of a small bay.

The power of conversing well is least agreeable when it assumes the character of an art.

The question assumes this form: did the testator at the time he executed his will have sufficient mental capacity to do it.