Assuming [adjective]

Definition of Assuming:

presumptuous, arrogant

Synonyms of Assuming:

Opposite/Antonyms of Assuming:

Sentence/Example of Assuming:

That she was unwise in assuming her own will so promptly, with little regard to consulting his, she might yet discover.

Assuming the above view to be reasonable, the number of new instruments which left the Stradivari house must have been very large.

"If true, it would account for his not showing himself to his friend—assuming that he did come back," observed Mr. Carr.

There is one specimen in the Museum, probably killed rather late in the spring, as it is assuming the black breast.

She felt that servants had no right to presume to pay her compliments—that they were thus assuming that she was upon their level.

It was assuming a great deal to tell a woman that he saw through her plot to disenchant him with a rival.

It was a knock, said Mr. Giles, assuming perfect serenity; open the door, somebody.

His cronies at the Pandemonium accused him of assuming an air of habitual arrogance.

The glass will soon be deeply carved by the action, assuming the appearance which we term "ground."

Assuming the killer was a person Carmack had reason to mistrust—or to fear—he had to solve the neuro-vibe in order to gain access.