Assumptions [noun]

Definition of Assumptions:

taking something for granted; something expected

Synonyms of Assumptions:

Opposite/Antonyms of Assumptions:

Sentence/Example of Assumptions:

It began with certain postulates, or assumptions, to a great extent unconscious, of the conditions to which it applied.

But for the most part property, contract and the coercive state were fundamental assumptions with the classicists.

She remembered the many scenes in which her spirit had been humiliated by haughty assumptions.

Rather may it be said, they hate counterfeits and are indignant at the assumptions of apostate Christendom.

Their philosophy was based on assumptions and speculations, and therefore was worthless, since they settled nothing.

From these assumptions it follows, as Ptolemy shows in some detail, that any greater number of keys is useless.

Nita saw through the girl before her, her artfulness, her assumptions, and despised her already.

The laws of gases, it is known, are in accord with the two simple assumptions of the kinetic theory.

This represents, therefore, the pressure of such a gas, as calculated on the basis of the assumptions of the kinetic theory.

He had always been a loyal citizen—not a fanatic, but loyal—and it wasn't easy for him to question his own basic assumptions.