Assuring [verb]

Definition of Assuring:

convince, relieve doubt

Synonyms of Assuring:

Opposite/Antonyms of Assuring:

Sentence/Example of Assuring:

Sarah barely knows Karen, who seems a little standoffish, but Karen smirks when she assures Sarah that she and the much-older Martin are “just hanging out.”

Locksley said he assured his fellow Big Ten coach, “Look, our goal, once we get the go-ahead from our medical people, is we’re preparing to play.”

He met with Washington wide receivers coach Jim Hostler, who assured him the team believed in him and said, “Go have fun.”

Miss Manners assures you this is always possible, even if, for example, your husband’s day job is repairing washing machines.

So ultimately, we’ll have to wait and see what the often-messy redistricting process produces in each state — and you can rest assured that will be a major focus of FiveThirtyEight’s coverage in 2021.

However, many of the rich countries taking part are striking their own deals apart from COVAX to assure that they will get early access to a vaccine.

Once we can assure local production, we can figure out creative delivery solutions.

Del Mar Union School District, for example, assured parents immediately that nothing would change.

Casey, the Richmond voter, called the city registrar and was assured that her vote was counted and that “it would take a few days” before her voting history is updated on the state site.

They were as self-assured and as cocky as any opponent we've ever been up against.