Astern [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Astern:

Boat after boat came up and made fast astern of the dandy vessel, and soon the decks were crowded with merry groups.

His boat was astern, so he jumped over the counter and sculled himself straight to the Mission smack.

The patrol-ship was on station; she was lost far astern before she could gather speed for pursuit.

He had stood thus for some time, when turning round, and looking astern, the cutter was no longer to be seen.

Then a wave would come aboard astern, rolling in and nearly filling the cockpit.

And presently I saw that our consort, the Dane, had slackened her speed, so that there was a mile of water between us astern.

But Captain Hull now turned and steered out to sea, across the bows of the Eolus, and soon had them astern again.

But Charlie didn't triumph, neither did he swoop; we watched carefully until we saw that Charlie was going astern!

Albeit did Sigvaldi, the Earl, let his ships fall astern and took he no part in the battle.

Looking astern, we saw the schooner coming up wing and wing, not more than a mile distant.