Asteroid [noun]

Definition of Asteroid:

celestial body orbiting a star

Synonyms of Asteroid:

Opposite/Antonyms of Asteroid:


Sentence/Example of Asteroid:

According to Boyle, a non-luminous and non-reflecting asteroid has crashed into the earth's gravitational field.

In the early afternoon they came to what must be the asteroid's northern pole.

It always landed on the plain where Parr had first set foot to the asteroid.

"They were inside this asteroid," decided Parr, half to himself.

"For getting away, for giving freedom to my only friends on this asteroid," said Parr.

Art Kuzak had surrounded it with a cordon of tough and angry asteroid-hoppers.

He talked with asteroid-hoppers who meant to spend some time on Earth.

They will show p. 87 you all about Asteroid hopping and mining.

And you don't even stop to say hello to an old friend back from the mines of a nameless asteroid.

He was chained, spread-eagled, on an asteroid in the Penal Cluster, nearly a hundred million miles from Earth.