Asthmatic [adjective]

Definition of Asthmatic:

unable to respire normally

Synonyms of Asthmatic:

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Sentence/Example of Asthmatic:

Eosinophilic leukocytes are common in gonorrheal pus and in asthmatic sputum.

Dan waited for him to invoke deity with the asthmatic wheeziness to which mirth reduced his vocal apparatus.

It is the bane of asthmatic patients, but the gardener makes short work of it.

Its age and asthmatic condition should have made it an object of veneration to the chauffeur, but such was not the case.

And he liquidates his obligations to a great deal of asthmatic cough, while the jumping frog does his bidding.

There is every variety of this music, from the low wheeze of the asthmatic, to the stentorian grunt of the corpulent and profound.

"I 'ave been in the 'ospital, you unfeelin', bloomin' coves," replied the asthmatic prisoner.

No asthmatic or consumptive patient ever regained health by dwelling in a close, damp tent.

The launch laboured and puffed along for four or five miles, growing more and more asthmatic with every breath.

It soon removed the dropsical and asthmatic affections, and steel, with Seltzer water, restored him to health.