Astir [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Astir:

But more—he realised that the missing part of her was now astir, touched into life by another, and a younger, man.

Everybody was astir early about the Norwood and Drew places in Roselawn that next morning.

Something was astir somewhere, and before long the Esperanza's crew knew what was the matter.

When he awoke the smugglers were astir, and the women were bending over the fire, busy in preparing breakfast.

Monday morning dawned, and the great prison with its twelve hundred captives was again astir.

The day came in warm and pleasant down in the Thoroughfare, and the boys were early astir.

Joseph, less iron-nerved than the great big-game hunter, was awake and astir with the dawn.

In the small hours of Sunday morning, when the camp was astir in the darkness, a rifle-shot rang out quite close to me.

Before dawn had broken, the clear bugle notes of reveille sounded and set the camp astir.

Before daylight they were all astir, and set off at once on the journey through the forest, Matava guiding them.