Astonishes [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Astonishes:

I do not know a spot on the globe which astonishes and delights, upon your first landing, as the island of Madeira.

It astonishes me,” said Mr. Grey to Mr. Walter, “that ‘Floy’ should be so little elated by her wonderful success.

And who knows if the volcanic crater, whose absence at first astonishes the observer, is not the Dead Sea itself?

The precocious knowledge of Nicolka astonishes the child, whose one ambition is to be like his friend one of these days.

The crabs are pulled out with a celerity that astonishes their crustaceous lordships.

Hence, urged by necessity, he trains them from infancy, and brings them to a perfection which astonishes us.

That there should exist such an emotion as joyfulness among them is a fact which greatly astonishes Ned Gancy and young Chester.

For vague and arbitrary experience is (as we have observed), mere groping in the dark, and rather astonishes than instructs.

What astonishes me and almost creates envy is to see this wonderful power of labor as exemplified by you and my neighbor, Burton.

He sketches out his plan in the fewest possible words, and frequently astonishes his staff by the daring and novelty of his plans.