Astonishing [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Astonishing:

It’s astonishing we’re still at this point, given the progress we’ve made in every other area of physics.

Her accomplishments are astonishing, and we probably don’t know about most of the products she worked on.

That’s because the polar ice caps are melting at astonishing speed due to climate change, potentially opening up sea routes that used to be unnavigable for much of the year.

To be clear, Jeffrey Katzenberg’s streaming service has been an astonishing flop.

Behind all this is the astonishing, baffling breadth of what sleep does for the body.

I can't even get a word for it," says Angela, "it has been so just astonishing.

Really, he had made astonishing speed for one who had tunnelled his way underp.

It is astonishing how much petting a big boy of ten can endure when he is quite sure that there is no one to laugh at him.

Bonaparte passed mount St. Bernard, among the Alps, after astonishing efforts.

Certainly some of the uses to which this mineral is now being put are sufficiently astonishing.