Astonishingly [adverb]

Definition of Astonishingly:

much, really; to a high degree

Opposite/Antonyms of Astonishingly:

Sentence/Example of Astonishingly:

Now that it looks like scientists may have pulled off this astonishing feat, I couldn’t be more delighted to be proved wrong.

In critical applications and recreational situations alike, headphone EQ calibration can make an astonishing difference in listener experience and overall enjoyment.

Even more astonishing is when the correct place is a dot of sand with nothing but blue until the horizon in every direction.

She found astonishing evidence that although certain of these behaviors are often described as “male” or “female,” both types of circuitry are present and potentially active in both sexes.

His astonishing composure, his ability to sort of lead and with confidence and with this spiritual ease .

Whatever the case, one eagerly follows Pünd’s investigations to their final, astonishing conclusion, while simultaneously puzzling over possible clues to the death of Frank Parris and the disappearance of Cecily Treherne.

Even more astonishing, he calculated that thickening a barrier hardly increases the time it takes for a particle to tunnel across it.

It was an astonishing performance and a necessary one, given that the Stars were outshot 36 to 20 on the night.

Later I saw him driving with an astonishingly handsome woman; who looked as if she had been born without crudities or illusions.

The "effects" were astonishingly well contrived by both author and producer (Mr. Holman Clark).