Astound [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Astound:

In the first years of his frolicking life he loved also to astound Rome, and succeeded a number of times.

Yet she was a rare enough exception to astound my abstracted mind.

You rather astound me with respect to value of grounds of generalisation in the morphology of plants.

In it there appeared volunteer troops to astound seasoned veterans by their dash and discipline.

Master Mather is to bring his feathers to show the Governor, and to astound the Governor's skeptical wife.

Nothing has happened in our house to astound me more than the angry passions it kindled in two of our friends who are clergymen.

His idea was either to be stretched on the battlefield in his first encounter, or to astound the world by his bravery.

In the architecture and embellishments of the chamber, the evident design had been to dazzle and astound.

But a game in which he tried only to astound himself, with swift, dizzy miracles of magnetic movement.

Truly, poor Goliba had spoken the truth when he had promised that what we should witness would astound us.