Astounding [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Astounding:

They’re an astounding retailer, so they’re not going to give market share up that easily.

Taken as a whole, the evolution in physical prowess over the years has been nothing short of astounding.

Looking again to China’s example, the country was in part able to achieve its astounding economic growth and decline in extreme poverty due to its one-child policy.

You might think that in this era of astounding technologies and automation and all the rest, there wouldn’t be much need for tinkerers.

In the light of that astounding discovery, she now read the mysterious Dr. Weirmarsh as she would an open book.

“All right, sahib,” was the unexpected parry to this astounding thrust, and Chumru kept on with his task.

Lowell had not recovered from the astounding idea before they reached Talpers's place.

For several moments the Indians were incapable of motion, so astounding was this interference with their sport.

"You go to hell," was the unexpectedly astounding reply; for no one had ever heard Robert Sinclair use language like this before.

Ladies write out these authorisations by means of type-writing machines: their fingers work the machine with astounding rapidity.