Astoundments [noun]

Definition of Astoundments:

state of surprise

Synonyms of Astoundments:

Opposite/Antonyms of Astoundments:

Sentence/Example of Astoundments:

Indignation was replacing her astoundment; her cheeks were tingeing with red.

Brouillard bit his lip to keep back the exclamation of astoundment that the blunt inquiry threatened to evoke.

When the mists of astoundment cleared he found himself in the street with the thick wad of bank-notes still in his pocket.

Evan Blount started back, and his exclamation was of pure astoundment.

There, looking down upon us with speechless astoundment in the blue-gray eyes, stood our dear lady.

The Judge and Jack and Mary gazed down at her in uttermost astoundment.