Astounds [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Astounds:

It astounds me to think how I forgot Margaret, forgot my work, forgot everything but that we two were parted.

Genius is ever regarded as folly till it astounds the world.

The audacity, the unparalleled insolence, the unheard-of irregularity of the whole proceeding astounds me!

The result is a performance of a finished beauty which not only astounds Easterners, but surprises Europeans.

The embodiment lacked incessant fiery expedition—the explosive, meteoric quality that astounds and dazzles.

What always astounds me, dear, is that though you invariably read the Standard you always talk like the Family Herald!

Her progress of impudent imposture at Canterbury is more than surprising—it astounds the inquirer.

In its atoms I discover an intensity of energy which charms and astounds me.

Then she astounds the news-agent by adding, "I had forgotten that it was burnt."

I see why he has written this to me—this confession which astounds me.