Astraddle [adjective]

Definition of Astraddle:

uncertain, indefinite

Opposite/Antonyms of Astraddle:

Sentence/Example of Astraddle:

Mayo had been riding the main boom astraddle, hitching himself toward the captain, to make him hear.

McClellan's army being astraddle the Chickahominy, two courses of action were open to him when he was attacked.

Standing astraddle on both seats, with the map close to the lamp, I greedily followed the course of the 'tief' southward.

Astraddle on Tono-Bungay, he flashed athwart the empty heavens—like a comet—rather, like a stupendous rocket!

Horse: Place the index and third fingers of the right hand astraddle the index-finger of the left.

Her driver went astraddle of it and stuck there like a clothes-pin on a line.

He set the child astraddle on the thick end of the bough, then went to the other end, which was much slenderer.

"I'll give you five minutes to stop circusin' and get your tub astraddle that reservoir," snapped the referee.

Having careered, plunging and tugging and side-stepping, until she was astraddle of the outside trace, Jenny stopped.

The antagonists in the strange duello sat back to back, astraddle a seat.