Astragali [noun]

Definition of Astragali:

joint between leg and foot

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Sentence/Example of Astragali:

Astragalus, the upper bone of the foot supporting the tibia; the buckle, ankle, or sling bone.

Astragalus, a genus of papilionaceous plants, herbaceous or shrubby, and often spiny.

The gummy exudation of the Astragalus verus, hardened by the air.

Gum tragacanth, is gathered about the end of June, from the astragalus tragacantha of Crete and the surrounding islands.

The cornfields are bright with English wild-flowers — dandelions, buttercups, astragalus, and a purple Michaelmas daisy.

However, in every instance if there is involvement of the tibial tarsal (astragalus) bone, complete recovery is highly improbable.

In most living reptiles, however, the tibiale and intermedium are as in mammals united, forming the astragalus.

The proximal surface of the astragalus is generally flattened instead of being pulley-like as in Ungulata vera.

In the proximal row of tarsal elements there are only two bones, the calcaneum and astragalus.

Of these the calcaneum is the fibulare, and the astragalus is generally regarded as the tibiale and intermedium fused.