Astral [adjective]

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For this Double, or astral body as you call it, is really the seat of the passions, emotions and desires in the psychical economy.

Then come the chakras already spoken of as the centres for the working of consciousness in the astral body.

Did Zio Giacomo in the library hear with his astral ear his son's gratifying assertion?

They were, moreover, persuaded that a great number of phenomena and events have their origin in astral influences.

There isn't any, unless you believe in black cats or astral influence, or the curse of Shielygh—or something.

Not only was the shaman endowed with the power of projecting his own 'astral body' into the Land of Spirits.

The means adopted by the medicine-men to lure ghosts away from their pursuit of a soul was to create an 'astral' deer.

The young Mason Grew had not at first accepted this astral episode as the complete cancelling of his claims on romance.

The Tarot is the sidereal book of Enoch, modelled on the astral wheel of Athor.

But the dogma of astral divinity was zealously maintained by the greatest of Greek philosophers.