Astride [adjective]

Definition of Astride:

with a leg on either side

Synonyms of Astride:

Opposite/Antonyms of Astride:


Sentence/Example of Astride:

Matt lost not an instant in dropping the club, getting astride the Comet, and starting.

And when finally somebody turned on the lights, Jeff Weedham was on the floor, two cops astride him.

"Now I know why you wear that hideous divided habit and ride astride," said Gwynne as they started.

Unaided, the 6th Gurkhas got well astride the ridge, but had to fall back owing to the lack of his support.

Two gladiators armed with pillows sit astride a spar and try to knock each other off.

Newton dashed out towards the boat, and in a minute was safely astride upon it.

His knees were astride my body, and gradually I felt them pushing my arms up toward my neck.

By four Ned had climbed up above, and was sitting astride a beam with the light of a lantern shining up on his streaming face.

Tom braced his foot against the stirrup, and in an instant was astride behind the saddle.

Later I learned that old Mandy, riding a mule astride, had made the run and killed a buffalo with her own rifle!