Astringencies [noun]

Definition of Astringencies:

self-restraint; abstinence

Opposite/Antonyms of Astringencies:

Sentence/Example of Astringencies:

Skin medium to thin, somewhat tender, contains a small amount of light red pigment and some astringency.

Skin sprinkled with reddish-brown dots, thin, tender, without astringency.

The doubtful credit of any wiser person might produce the same astringency, said the advocate, slyly.

Its taste is saltish, with a degree of roughness and astringency.

Almost all have more or less astringency in the after-taste.

Austere refers to a flavor more or less sour with some astringency.

The hard, snarly astringency of his character had grown sweet and mild.

Its astringency is due to the presence of tannic and gallic acids.

The name is due to the astringency of the half ripe fruit which can scarcely be eaten.

On account of its astringency it has been used in dysentery, hemorrhage, and other conditions requiring an astringent substance.