Astrologers [noun]

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Nevertheless, he is pretty famous, supposedly having authored thousands of books, focusing on alchemy but also exploring astronomy and astrology, medicine, cosmology and a lot of other fields of early medieval science.

Wellness offerings such as tarot reading, astrology reading, and wellness coaching may take place virtually on-site, or outdoors with social distancing and masks.

This was the point of compass revealed by the astrologer as most favourable to the young candidate for manly honours.

Michael Nostrodamus died; an able French physician and celebrated astrologer.

We also see whence Chaucer derived his epithet of the cock—'common astrologer'—in Troilus, iii.

The page, the people, the pilgrim, and the astrologer again sing in a sort of operatic ensemble their various emotions.

Had an astrologer who foretells the future come forth to read the story differently, Cattledon would have turned a deaf ear.

So says Lilly; but it is certain that if an astrologer be in earnest, he must deceive himself, if he do not deceive others.

And a lucky coincidence will set an astrologer up in credit for a long time, his numerous failures being forgotten.

He was not exactly an alchemist; he was an astrologer, and there are the ruins of his tower in the park.